Monday, 5 August 2019

EXPECT EXCELLENCE! What I do & how I do it

I deliver a personal matchmaking service for international people of style and sophistication who require a strategic & professional approach to find their perfect match.
I am well-known for experience, integrity and absolute discretion since 1997. I draw clients from all over the world and I meet and interview each one of them. Once I know their objectives and desires, I begin a search for the most compatible and suitable person for my client to meet. Only with the permission of both parties will I put them in touch with one another.
My practice in Yoga & meditation for over 20 years allows me to understand people in a special way.
If you are looking for your soulmate then I am the right agency for you!
Confidentiality and personal assistance for matching the right partners is my priority.
Personal appointments on request worldwide! 

Please call me on my direct line (available 12 - 24 hrs CET)
                                       +43 664 20 55 410 

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